Muon1 at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con is a massive science fiction, science, and media convention held over 4 days in Atlanta, Georgia. This 25 year old event has a strong science and digital core to it, and so we're happy to announce that this year, Muon1 will be involved


Best Designs - ChicaneLinacB90

Lattice number 8 is ChicaneLinacB90. It was a refinement release, building on the results of ChicaneLinacB

The best design was 4.254614% from Crack of the Dutch Power Cows.


Best Designs - PhaseRotB

PhaseRotB is, like last weeks lattice, another bugfix lattice, and and like ChicaneLinacB, requierd use of the v4.41 client

The best design was 4.254614% from Team Coldfusion~Mar of the Dutch Power Cows.


Best Designs - ChicaneLinacB

It's an error-fix release this week. 8 days after PhaseRotA and ChicaneLinacA, version B of each was released, along with a modified client, v4.41. Part 5 is ChicaneLinacB; better, faster, stronger!

The best design was 1.557285% from Team Anandtech's JonB


Best Designs - PhaseRotA

Part 4 is the other new design at the time, PhaseRotA. Like ChicaneLinacA, it starts with the SolenoidsOnlky decay channel, but instead of a chicane and a linac, it uses a phase rotation system.

The best design was 0.785352% and was again by Sobi of Team Seti Germany.