Best Designs - Linac88MHz900MeV6

Just as Linac88MHz900MeV1 took PhaseRotLinac1 onward, so too will Linac88MHz900MeV6 for PhaserotLinac6.

The best design was 2.481781% by Team Anandtech's's amd.borg.


30 Million BILLION Particle Timesteps

Yes, we've done it. A little over 6 months ago, we hit 25 quadrillion (as in million, billion, trillion, quadrillion) and today, December 29th at around 4am UK time, it hit 30 Million-Billion.


Best Designs - Linac88MHz900MeV1

PhaseRotLinac1 was such a success, with a yield over 6% that it should be investigated further. With an elongated design, attempting to close in on an theoretical design, the result is Linac88Mhz900MeV1.

The best design was 2.605366% by Cruncher's Inc.'s mgpower0.


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb60

As part of a fast release of lattices, PhaseRotEb60 was released just one day after both PhaseRotLinac1 and PhaseRotLinac6. It's a 'pinnacle' design, looking to give a more complete result to the PhaseRotE series.

The best design was 3.376138% by Team Anandtech's amd.borg.


Best Designs - PhaseRotLinac6

As a matching contrast to PhaseRotLinac1, there's also PhaseRotLinac6. Released at the same time, it carries on the dual-pringed development.

The best design was 6.603775% by Team Anandtech's amd.borg.


November 2001 Overview

Normally, these things would have their own topics, but with one thing and another, I’ve been unable to get them done. There have been two things in November of note, about the project, so I’m going to cover both here. At the start of the month we hit 70 Million results, while at the end of the month, a new lattice was released

Best Designs - PhaseRotLinac1

A new lattice design family now, as we start with PhaseRotLinac1, a combination of PhaseRotEb1a and ChicaneLinacB

The best design was 6.977837% by the user Schauf. This is the first time a user without a team membership had the best design.