Best Designs - PhaseRotEb6

Grouping seemed to give quite interesting results with Eby5, and shows a new way to approach design. With PhaseRotEb6, yet another way of determining the design is tried.

The best design was 2.076617% by US-Distributed's Merlin


Best Designs - PhaseRotEby5

PhaseRotDD was quite succesful in improving PhaseRotD, so can we improve PhaseRotC, the best design so far, in the same way?

The best design was 2.158242% by DutchPowerCows' ZMT~Mmikie


Best Designs - PhaseRotDD

After a year crunching through both DecayRotB and PhaseRotD it's another minor modification lattice. This is a modified PhaseRotD.

The best design was 0.466747% by DutchPowerCows' Team Coldfusion member Arnim


Best Designs - PhaseRotD

A return to the PhaseRot series this time, and we also have a new component, a second phase rotation system aimed at dealing with harmonics.

The best design was 0.360695% from HaloJones of the Genome Collective.


Muon1 Presentation at Dragon*Con 2011

On September 2nd 2011 Andrew Norton gave a presentation on the Muon1 project as part of the science track of the extremely popular science fiction/fantasy convention, Dragon*Con. It was a well received talk focusing on the basics of the project, it's goals, and why it's so different from every other distributed computing project out there.

Now, we have the presentation available as a video for you.