Best Designs - Linac900Removable6c2

Everything has been changed except for the phase rotation system. In order to make sure we don't leave any stone unturned, we should turn an eye to that, and so we have Linac900Removable6c2

The best design was 3.891455% by a Boinc Wrapper user (there is no way to tell who it is)


Best Designs - Linac900Removable6

We allowed Linac88MHz900MeV1 to have sections disappear, giving up Linac900Removable1. Now let's do that with Linac88MHz900MeV6

The best design was 3.684663% by the Dutch Power Cows's NoizyCows~Bjorga


Best Designs - Linac900Removable1

So if you take a design and allow the gap between components to be shortened, down to 0, you get one lattice. If you let the components themselves be shrunk to nothingness, you get Linac900Romovable1

The best design was 2.922755% by the Dutch Power Cows's Team ColdFusion~SandStar


Best Designs - Linac900NoGaps1

One of the constants is the gaps between segments. It allows fields to be separate. What if the gaps could be reduced, or even eliminated? That's what Linac900NoGaps (as the name suggests) looks to investigate.

The best design was 2.280941% by Team Anandtech's's amd.borg (AGAIN!)


2011, A Muon1 Odyssey

2011 has been an interesting year for Muon1. It’s had a massive explosion in processing power, and reached a few milestones. Meanwhile we’ve closed out the two lattices that were running at the beginning of the year, started and finished 4 more and have 2 open and active.

It’s been a busy year, all in all.