Best Designs - Linac88MHz900MeV6

Just as Linac88MHz900MeV1 took PhaseRotLinac1 onward, so too will Linac88MHz900MeV6 for PhaserotLinac6.

The best design was 2.481781% by Team Anandtech's's amd.borg.


30 Million BILLION Particle Timesteps

Yes, we've done it. A little over 6 months ago, we hit 25 quadrillion (as in million, billion, trillion, quadrillion) and today, December 29th at around 4am UK time, it hit 30 Million-Billion.


Best Designs - Linac88MHz900MeV1

PhaseRotLinac1 was such a success, with a yield over 6% that it should be investigated further. With an elongated design, attempting to close in on an theoretical design, the result is Linac88Mhz900MeV1.

The best design was 2.605366% by Cruncher's Inc.'s mgpower0.


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb60

As part of a fast release of lattices, PhaseRotEb60 was released just one day after both PhaseRotLinac1 and PhaseRotLinac6. It's a 'pinnacle' design, looking to give a more complete result to the PhaseRotE series.

The best design was 3.376138% by Team Anandtech's amd.borg.


Best Designs - PhaseRotLinac6

As a matching contrast to PhaseRotLinac1, there's also PhaseRotLinac6. Released at the same time, it carries on the dual-pringed development.

The best design was 6.603775% by Team Anandtech's amd.borg.


November 2001 Overview

Normally, these things would have their own topics, but with one thing and another, I’ve been unable to get them done. There have been two things in November of note, about the project, so I’m going to cover both here. At the start of the month we hit 70 Million results, while at the end of the month, a new lattice was released

Best Designs - PhaseRotLinac1

A new lattice design family now, as we start with PhaseRotLinac1, a combination of PhaseRotEb1a and ChicaneLinacB

The best design was 6.977837% by the user Schauf. This is the first time a user without a team membership had the best design.


Best Designs - PhaseRotEby5a

PhaseRotEby5a is a bugfixed PhaseRotEby5. Like Eb1a, and Eb6a, it required v4.44 or newer.

The best design was 2.735809% by Team White Hot's Psyche


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb6a

PhaseRotEb6a is a bugfixed PhaseRotEb6, and was released the same day as PhaseRotEb1a. Like Eb1a, it required v4.44 or newer

The best design was 3.4902960% by Overclockers Australia's badger


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb1a

PhaseRotEb1a is a bugfixed PhaseRotEb1, but also introduces a new client, v4.44.

The best design was 3.358101% by Dutch Power Cows's [DPC]Team Boonanza~woolysheep


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb1

PhaseRotEb1 is a simplified PhseRotEb6, and tried to not only cut down on the number of variables, but the number of blocks.

The best design was 3.355024% by Team Atomic Milkshake at ArsTechnica's GOD


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb6

Grouping seemed to give quite interesting results with Eby5, and shows a new way to approach design. With PhaseRotEb6, yet another way of determining the design is tried.

The best design was 2.076617% by US-Distributed's Merlin


Best Designs - PhaseRotEby5

PhaseRotDD was quite succesful in improving PhaseRotD, so can we improve PhaseRotC, the best design so far, in the same way?

The best design was 2.158242% by DutchPowerCows' ZMT~Mmikie


Best Designs - PhaseRotDD

After a year crunching through both DecayRotB and PhaseRotD it's another minor modification lattice. This is a modified PhaseRotD.

The best design was 0.466747% by DutchPowerCows' Team Coldfusion member Arnim


Best Designs - PhaseRotD

A return to the PhaseRot series this time, and we also have a new component, a second phase rotation system aimed at dealing with harmonics.

The best design was 0.360695% from HaloJones of the Genome Collective.


Muon1 Presentation at Dragon*Con 2011

On September 2nd 2011 Andrew Norton gave a presentation on the Muon1 project as part of the science track of the extremely popular science fiction/fantasy convention, Dragon*Con. It was a well received talk focusing on the basics of the project, it's goals, and why it's so different from every other distributed computing project out there.

Now, we have the presentation available as a video for you.


Best Designs - DecayRotB

DecayRotB is a version for a new client. It lets the new client's convergance method attempt to create a better yield.

The best design was 1.225695% from GLeeM of Team Anandtech.


Best Designs - DecayRotA

DecayRotA is another 'tweak' design. It takes the parameters of DecayRot, and modifies them, to see what kind of changes happen when you extend the phase rotation array..

The best design was 0.398293% from Meep of team Free-DC.org.


Best Designs - DecayRot

A new theory of design now. What would happen if the decay channel (aka SolenoidsOnly) was radically shortened. DecayRot aimed to find that out


Best Designs - PhaseRotC_BigS1

The 9th lattice in our series is PhaseRotC_bigS1. As the name implies, this is a modification of PhaseRotC, to give an initial solenoid that was upto 4x bigger.

The best design was 1.834290% from Fozzie of TeamFree DC.


Best Designs - PhaseRotC

Another lattice, another client version. PhaseRotC came with the new 4.42 client, because it was a totally new ballgame.

The best design was 4.113566% from iNSaNiTi of the Dutch Power Cows.


Muon1 at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con is a massive science fiction, science, and media convention held over 4 days in Atlanta, Georgia. This 25 year old event has a strong science and digital core to it, and so we're happy to announce that this year, Muon1 will be involved


Best Designs - ChicaneLinacB90

Lattice number 8 is ChicaneLinacB90. It was a refinement release, building on the results of ChicaneLinacB

The best design was 4.254614% from Crack of the Dutch Power Cows.


Best Designs - PhaseRotB

PhaseRotB is, like last weeks lattice, another bugfix lattice, and and like ChicaneLinacB, requierd use of the v4.41 client

The best design was 4.254614% from Team Coldfusion~Mar of the Dutch Power Cows.


Best Designs - ChicaneLinacB

It's an error-fix release this week. 8 days after PhaseRotA and ChicaneLinacA, version B of each was released, along with a modified client, v4.41. Part 5 is ChicaneLinacB; better, faster, stronger!

The best design was 1.557285% from Team Anandtech's JonB


Best Designs - PhaseRotA

Part 4 is the other new design at the time, PhaseRotA. Like ChicaneLinacA, it starts with the SolenoidsOnlky decay channel, but instead of a chicane and a linac, it uses a phase rotation system.

The best design was 0.785352% and was again by Sobi of Team Seti Germany.


Best Designs - ChicaneLinacA

In part 3, we move away from just the solenoid channel, and on to a more expansive simulation. ChicaneLinacA takes the design of SolenoidsOnly, and expands on it, adding a magnetic chicane, and a linac.

The best design was 0.988441% by Sobi of Team Seti Germany


Weekly Stats July 26 2011

These are the weekly Muon1 stats for the past week, covering July 19 - July 26 2011

‎25,795 Trillion Particle timesteps overall (+142T over the past week)

Linac900Ext10tc2 is at 1.277794%, found by [DPC]Nightmare, an increase of 0.096446% from last week.

Linac900Ext6X is at 2.819721%, found by [DPC]Nightmare, an increase of 1.398705% from last week.


Trivia: What is Muon2?

from the Muon1 Forum

The presence of "1" in the name of Muon1 has confused a few people who think it's part of the version number (currently Muon1 v4.45). In fact, it got called that because it was the first muon-related program I wrote, allowing Muon2, Muon3 etc. to be entirely different programs doing other calculations related to muons.

Best Designs – Solenoidsto15Cm

In the second part of our series, we look at Solenoidsto15cm. This was the second lattice, and the first time that a change in the design paramaters had happened, without needing a new version of the client.

The best design was 13.369790% by Shish of Team Free-DC


Weekly Stats July 19 2011

These are the weekly Muon1 stats for the past week, covering July 12 - July 19 2011

25,653 Trillion Particle timesteps overall (+162T over the past week)

Linac900Ext10tc2 is at 1.181348%, found by [DPC] Team ColdFusion~ColdFusion, up from -0.683166 last week
Linac900Ext6X is at 1.421016%, found by [DPC]Nightmare, up from -1.863604 last week


Best Designs – SolenoidsOnly

In the first part of our ongoing look at the best designs from each lattice, we start with SolenoidsOnly. This, the first lattice of the 4.3 branch of clients started by simulating only a decay channel, a step back from the v4.2x clients. And started in March 2003.

The best design was 16.047507% by PIT-V of Team Seti Germany


Weekly Stats July 12 2011

These are the weekly Muon1 stats for the past week, covering July 5 - July 12 2011

25,491 Trillion Particle timesteps overall (+141T over the past week)
Linac900Ext10td2 is at 3.113598%, found by [DPC] Team ColdFusion~ironbiter, no increase in the last week
Linac900Ext6Xc2 is at 3.858423%, found by a Boinc Wrapper Client - no increase in the last week

Linac900Ext10tc2 is at -0.683166, found by ktetch
Linac900Ext6X is at -1.863604, found by ktetch

New Lattices Available - 6X and 10tc2

Today, the older lattices, Linac900Ext6Xc2 and Linac900Ext10td2 are retired. They were introduced in April 2011 and now, 3 months later, they've been retired. They've been replaced by tweaks named Linac900Ext6X and Linac900Ext10tc2.


Best Past Lattices

One of the more intriguing things about the Muon1 project is its modular structure. The underlying design is similar to a Lego set, with a core of a few different components altered to suit. This means that instead of redoing a new client for every change in project, a new lattice file, defining those building blocks is all it takes.


25 Quadrillion Particle-Timesteps!

The Muon1 project Has hit another milestone recently. Last year it hit 20 quadrillion (or Million-billion) particle timesteps, well less than 11 months later, it had added another 5 Quadrillion to that number. a 20% increase in work in less than a year!


More Muon1 Information

I guess this will also become the semi-official Muon1 blog, at least for now.

There are some common questions that are asked about Muon1, including 'what is it about', 'why should I bother?', 'what's so special about it?' and 'what does it do?'

So let's answer them, shall we?


Muon1 v4.45 Released

At long last, Muon1 has a client update. Version 4.45 went live two weeks ago, and carries some significant upgrades. Along with a better, more stable graphical mode, it's accuracy has also been significantly improved.


Muon1's Facebook page

I've only mentioned Muon1 in passing before, when it reached it's 20 Quadrillion particle-timestep milestone last year. however, I'm a strong supporter of Muon1, as I believe it's a massive step forward in distributing computing. Now you too can show your support by joining its facebook page.