Best Designs - DecayRotB

DecayRotB is a version for a new client. It lets the new client's convergance method attempt to create a better yield.

The best design was 1.225695% from GLeeM of Team Anandtech.


Best Designs - DecayRotA

DecayRotA is another 'tweak' design. It takes the parameters of DecayRot, and modifies them, to see what kind of changes happen when you extend the phase rotation array..

The best design was 0.398293% from Meep of team Free-DC.org.


Best Designs - DecayRot

A new theory of design now. What would happen if the decay channel (aka SolenoidsOnly) was radically shortened. DecayRot aimed to find that out


Best Designs - PhaseRotC_BigS1

The 9th lattice in our series is PhaseRotC_bigS1. As the name implies, this is a modification of PhaseRotC, to give an initial solenoid that was upto 4x bigger.

The best design was 1.834290% from Fozzie of TeamFree DC.


Best Designs - PhaseRotC

Another lattice, another client version. PhaseRotC came with the new 4.42 client, because it was a totally new ballgame.

The best design was 4.113566% from iNSaNiTi of the Dutch Power Cows.