Best Designs - PhaseRotEby5a

PhaseRotEby5a is a bugfixed PhaseRotEby5. Like Eb1a, and Eb6a, it required v4.44 or newer.

The best design was 2.735809% by Team White Hot's Psyche


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb6a

PhaseRotEb6a is a bugfixed PhaseRotEb6, and was released the same day as PhaseRotEb1a. Like Eb1a, it required v4.44 or newer

The best design was 3.4902960% by Overclockers Australia's badger


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb1a

PhaseRotEb1a is a bugfixed PhaseRotEb1, but also introduces a new client, v4.44.

The best design was 3.358101% by Dutch Power Cows's [DPC]Team Boonanza~woolysheep


Best Designs - PhaseRotEb1

PhaseRotEb1 is a simplified PhseRotEb6, and tried to not only cut down on the number of variables, but the number of blocks.

The best design was 3.355024% by Team Atomic Milkshake at ArsTechnica's GOD