November 2001 Overview

Normally, these things would have their own topics, but with one thing and another, I’ve been unable to get them done. There have been two things in November of note, about the project, so I’m going to cover both here. At the start of the month we hit 70 Million results, while at the end of the month, a new lattice was released

First is the milestone.

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2011, Muon1 had it’s 70,000,000th result.

It came in at approximately 23:30 (11.30pm) UK time on the 8th as we noted on twitter at the time. Thanks to all those that have taken part over the years, and contributed to that total (I’ve only contributed about 73,000 to that total, over the past 8 years)

There was debate about making a big fuss about it, but that will probably happen with 75Million instead.

Secondly, there was the release of a new lattice.

After 8 weeks without a change, It was clear that Linac900Ext6X wasn’t going to improve any time soon. So rather than throw more cpu time at it, hoping for a better result, Stephen made the decision to try something similar, but different, to see if things are repeatable, and potentially improve the yield.

The result is Linac900Ext9X. The main difference is that the number of blocks has been increased, from 6 to 9. It means a slight change in complexity but with the same overall potential for design.

It went live very late November 29th, and at the same time LinacExt6X was taken down as a primary lattice. As always, you can still submit results, and work on the lattice, it’s just not a primary focus any more.

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