Best Designs - Linac900Removable1

So if you take a design and allow the gap between components to be shortened, down to 0, you get one lattice. If you let the components themselves be shrunk to nothingness, you get Linac900Romovable1

The best design was 2.922755% by the Dutch Power Cows's Team ColdFusion~SandStar

Last week's Linc900NoGaps1 was a development of Linac88MHz900MeV1 that allowed the space between bits to be shortened or even eliminated. The next idea would be to apply the same reasoning to the components themselves.

This lattice is, yet again, a refinement lattice, taking Linac88MHz900MeV1 and tweaking it. The initial 10 solenoids in the design can not only have a zero gap not (as last week) but can be eliminated entirely.

The search space is in the 10123 range with 41 parameters. The lattice showed a single-stage growth pattern.

This is the 'best' design as recreated in v4.45. The original simulation length as recorded was 37 minutes 06 seconds.

Music is Electro-rock Space by Lucky Vacanes released under a CC-BY-SA license

Next time, Linac900Removable6


Date of release
July 29th, 2008
Total possible number of permutations
10123 (1 with 123 zeros after it)
Number of Simulations Run
Total MPTS
Target Energy Range
830.41MeV - 969.64MeV

2.922755 (6006.5 Mpts) [v4.44d] <Linac900Removable1> by [DPC] Team ColdFusion~SandStar

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