Best Designs - Linac900Removable3

The other alternative to adding complexity, is simplifying. The problem with such huge search-spaces, is that desirable targets are relatively small, and can be missed. By reducing complexity, we can make them more likely to be found.

The best design was 3.068246% by a Boinc Wrapper user (there is no way to tell who it is)

As mentioned last week, there are two schools of thought for improving a design. One is to add resolution, ot see if a design can be further refined, or if details allow a design that's already known to suddenly 'click'. That was the idea behind last weeks lattice.

The other is to simplify, and start again, meaning there's a better chance of finding a 'good design', by reducing the number of possibilities. It may produce a different design that could be later optimised by other lattice methods through manual injection.

The search space is in the 10189 range with 63 parameters. The lattice showed a three-stage growth pattern, which is unusual.

This is the 'best' design as recreated in v4.45. The original simulation length as recorded was 50 minutes 17 seconds.

Music is Lost in Time by WMRI released under a CC-BY-SA license

Next time, Linac900Ext6d2

Date of release
December 15th, 2008
Total possible number of permutations
10189 (1 with 189 zeros after it)
Number of Simulations Run
Total MPTS
Target Energy Range
830.41MeV - 969.64MeV

3.068246 (8176.2 Mpts) [v4.44d] <Linac900Removable3> by boinc (Boinc Wrapper)

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