Best Designs - Linac900Ext8d2

Another Ext simulation gives another Boinc wrapper 'win'.

The best design was 2.670893% by a Boinc Wrapper user (there is no way to tell who it is)

As noted last week, there's a number of varients of the same basic design at present. This lattice uses 8 blocks rather than 6 or 9, and the d2 RF setup.

Otherwise, there's not much to tell.

The search space is in the 10252 range with 84 parameters. The lattice showed a single-stage growth pattern.

This is the 'best' design as recreated in v4.45. The original simulation length as recorded was 62 minutes 47 seconds.

Music is RadiaciĆ³n by Niebur released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license

Next time, Linac900Ext7d2

Date of release
June 9th, 2009
Total possible number of permutations
10252 (1 with 363 zeros after it)
Number of Simulations Run
Total MPTS
Target Energy Range
830.41MeV - 969.64MeV

2.670893 (9206.6 Mpts) [v4.44d] <Linac900Ext8d2> by boinc (Boinc Wrapper)

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