Best Designs - Linac900Ext10td2

The lattices are experimenting with the RF phase, and how that affects the yield and design. When 7tc2 took the worst of the d2 batch and inverted the phase, now we're taking the best, 10d2, and extending the max simulation time, giving 10td2.

The best design was 3.132038% by Team Norway's Steinrar

All the designs shown recently have been variations on a theme. Sometimes, the simulations get so complex and big that they just run out of time. This seemed to be a problem with some 10d2 simulations, so with 10td2, it's all the same, but with the maximum number of timesteps to be simulated raised from 200,000 (2 microseconds) to 350,000 (3.5 microseconds, or 0.0000035 of a second)

This did seem to give some improvement, although that could be due to a different optimization pathway. Regardless, the yield increased by 0.248797%.

This lattice also allowed people to continue to work using the older 4.44d client, meaning people could still contributte

The search space is in the 10309 range with 103 parameters. The lattice showed a two-stage growth pattern.

This is the 'best' design as recreated in v4.45. The original simulation length as recorded was 1 hour, 19 minutes 16 seconds.

Music is Antarctica Dream by S.R Music released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license

Next time, Linac900Ext6X

Date of release
April 9, 2011
Date Ended
July 12, 2011
Total possible number of permutations
10309 (1 with 309 zeros after it)
Number of Simulations Run
Total MPTS
Target Energy Range
830.41MeV - 969.64MeV

3.132038 (13072.9 Mpts) [v4.45] <Linac900Ext10td2> by [TN]steinrar

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