Best Past Lattices

One of the more intriguing things about the Muon1 project is its modular structure. The underlying design is similar to a Lego set, with a core of a few different components altered to suit. This means that instead of redoing a new client for every change in project, a new lattice file, defining those building blocks is all it takes.

Since March 2003 (when v4.3 was released), there have been 42 lattices used in the Muon1 client. These have ranged from the simple (SolenoidsOnly) to the complex (Linac88MHz900MeV6 for instance). And while the names seem complex and cryptic, they are very clear when you understand the language.

In order, then, to provide greater understanding, and help chart the progress, We're showing the best designs of each lattice, in order. With many thanks to Stephen, newcomers can see how old designs look, and old hands can boast of 'I did that".

Look for it on Fridays.

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