Weekly Stats July 26 2011

These are the weekly Muon1 stats for the past week, covering July 19 - July 26 2011

‎25,795 Trillion Particle timesteps overall (+142T over the past week)

Linac900Ext10tc2 is at 1.277794%, found by [DPC]Nightmare, an increase of 0.096446% from last week.

Linac900Ext6X is at 2.819721%, found by [DPC]Nightmare, an increase of 1.398705% from last week.

The daily average is is back down to around 20MPTS/day, which is a good average.

10tc2 had a small gain, but more importantly it was made in a lot of small increments. That means the optimizer is working well, and it had a large jump last week.

6X has made almost straight line progress in the past two weeks, with frequent growth, again, showing the optimizer is working well.

Both bests are, rather unusually held by the same person, Dutch Power Cow's 'Nightmare' - well done Nightmare.

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