Weekly Stats July 19 2011

These are the weekly Muon1 stats for the past week, covering July 12 - July 19 2011

25,653 Trillion Particle timesteps overall (+162T over the past week)

Linac900Ext10tc2 is at 1.181348%, found by [DPC] Team ColdFusion~ColdFusion, up from -0.683166 last week
Linac900Ext6X is at 1.421016%, found by [DPC]Nightmare, up from -1.863604 last week

The daily average is up even more, to over 23MPTS/day, great!.

10tc2 went 'positive' (enough particles of acceptable energy) on July 13th with a 0.155869% result by Boots[OCAU]

6X took a bit more time to 'go positive', taking 2 days longer, with [DPC]Nightmare providing a 0.009105% result.

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